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Vinyl Siding Rankings – Comparison Chart All

RankProductSummaryPrice Editor Rating
1Royal Building Products Haven Insulated Siding

Royal Building Products Haven Insulated Siding
We have a winner in the Haven insulated vinyl siding line. If you are looking for the latest ...

2Alside Prodigy

Alside Prodigy
This is a luxury product through and through exuding craftsmanship from start to finish. It is ...

3Mastic Structure Siding

Mastic Structure Siding
Want it all, well you got it with this line of insulated siding from Mastic a Plygem company. Start...

4Alside Charter Oak Siding

Alside Charter Oak Siding
Probably our favorite panel from Alside besides the Prodigy. In case where you don't want the wide ...

5Craneboard 6 and 7

Craneboard 6 and 7
Solid CoReĀ® insulation and NeoporĀ® from BASF make this Insulated Vinyl Panel a top tier choice ...

6 Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding

Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding
Sitting at the top in terms of features, benefits and price of the non-insulated panels offered by ...

7 Royal Building Products Select Laminates

Royal Building Products Select Laminates
We normally do not give such high ratings to a product with such limited options and a step down ....

8Awesome Cypress Siding Home

Alside Cypress Creek - Variegated Siding
With this panel Alside dove into what they refer to as Variegated colors. Which is simply "mixed" ...

9Variform ClimaForce

Variform ClimaForce
This is part of the large Plygem organization for reference. The Climaforce series is their top of ...

10Alside Centerlock Vinyl Siding

Alside Centerlock Vinyl Siding
This is a solid mid tier choice for vinyl siding. It is a thick .044 panel at standard 12' 6" ...

11 Variform Vortex Extreme

Variform Vortex Extreme
This is a quality product for the outside of your home through and through. Start with a great .046...

12 Mastic T-Lok Barkwood

Mastic T-Lok Barkwood
There is a reason this siding has been a best seller for over three decades. It's just hits a great...

13Cellwood Dimensions

Cellwood Dimensions
The siding has hit a very good blend of quality, value and options for nearly anyone. Taken all ...

14ABT CO Adirondack

ABT CO Adirondack
This goes into the category of "specialty siding products" We really like the look and feel of this...

15Certainteed Restoration Classic

Certainteed Restoration Classic
This is the ONE STOP SHOP siding to consider. If looking for a certain profile OR color you will ...

16Certainteed Cedar Boards

Certainteed Cedar Boards
Certainteed made a winner with this line of vinyl siding! Not only is this an insulated panel but ...

17ABT CO Richmond Vinyl Siding

ABT CO Richmond Vinyl Siding
We don't see many panels a foot wide but this one is with a Double 6" profile reveal. This make ...

18 Variform Victoria Harbor

Variform Victoria Harbor
This is one of our highest rates beaded panels for a couple of reasons. One it is a very ...

19 ABT CO Richmond Ultra Vinyl Siding

ABT CO Richmond Ultra Vinyl Siding
This is the identical panel of the original Richmond a Double 6" lap. Thick panel for those wanting...

20Royal Building Products Royal Woodland

Royal Building Products Royal Woodland
Keep it simple and great that is what we think of this siding. With a nominal thickness of .046 it ...

21Napco American Essence

Napco American Essence
Beefy insulated panel a solid contender for efficient siding with a R 2.3-2.8 insulation attached to...

22 ABT CO Colorguard

ABT CO Colorguard
One of ABT CO flagship siding products there are a lot of nice features in this panel. Molded from ...

23 Sears WeatherBeater Plus

Sears WeatherBeater Plus
Kicking it up a notch this is the first step from Sears with at least a .044 thickness which we like...

24Alside Odyssey Plus Siding

Alside Odyssey Plus Siding
This is a solid choice for vinyl siding product for your home. It is .044 thick which is a small ...

25 Sears WeatherBeater Max

Sears WeatherBeater Max
Thick siding with the Centerlock interlocking panel feature that help panels lay very flat which we ...

26Certainteed Carolina Beaded

Certainteed Carolina Beaded
With a 3/4" projection and a single beaded panel this is a nice throwback to classic beaded panels...

27 Mastic Carvedwood

Mastic Carvedwood
Carvedwood Vinyl siding is a very nice premium vinyl siding with an impressive 23 colors on it's ...

28Certainteed Board and Batten

Certainteed Board and Batten
One of our favorite vertical board and batten sidings just a touch above the rest in the category. ...

29ABT CO Harbor Ridge Rustic Review

ABT CO Harbor Ridge Rustic Review
When ABT CO decided to release an updated dual color+ option they went back to the tried and true ...

30 Napco American 76 Beaded

Napco American 76 Beaded
A 6.5" Wide beaded panel for those who need a colonial style look. The colors while limited give a...

31 Georgia Pacific Compass

Georgia Pacific Compass
This is a very solid impressive siding with many options we like to see. Available in only two ...

32 Mastic Liberty Elite

Mastic Liberty Elite
We really like that unlike most other manufacturers who instantly drop the quality of siding when ...

33Alside Williamsport Colonial Beaded

Alside Williamsport Colonial Beaded
A throughback to the old colonial style homes and commercial building this is a vinyl siding with ...

34Alside Board and Batten - Vertical Siding

Alside Board and Batten - Vertical Siding
Meant to mimic the look of classic wood installed board and batten which used separate pieces of ...

35 Durabuilt 480 Series

Durabuilt 480 Series
Very strong at .048 this vertical board and batten style vinyl siding product may be right for your ...

36 Georgia Pacific Somerset Coastal

Georgia Pacific Somerset Coastal
This is the beaded profile available in a 6.5% widdth from Georgia Pacific which is a nice looking ...

37Certainteed Monogram 46

Certainteed Monogram 46
What we have here is the most common profiles requested with all the features you could want in ...

38Durabuilt 800 - Insulated Vinyl Siding

Durabuilt 800 - Insulated Vinyl Siding
While it is nice to have an insulated siding option in the Durabuilt family this product leaves us ...

39 Georgia Pacific Castle Ridge

Georgia Pacific Castle Ridge
Well, we actually are refreshed by this siding. Typically we want every option you can think of but...

40Certainteed Mainstreet Vinyl Siding Review

Certainteed Mainstreet Vinyl Siding Review
This is a decent little siding with a lot of options. In fact it's seven different profile options ...

41ABT CO Harbor Ridge Plus Vinyl Siding Review

ABT CO Harbor Ridge Plus Vinyl Siding Review
Available in the most common D-4" Clapboard and Dutch-lap variety's this is the normal siding from ...

42 Owens Corning Essentials Premium

Owens Corning Essentials Premium
In our opinion the first acceptable permanent type solution vinyl siding from Owens Corning you can ...

43 Napco American Splendor

Napco American Splendor
This is a Cedar embossed premium non insulated vinyl siding panel. If you like one of the three ...

44 Royal Building Products Journeymen Select

Royal Building Products Journeymen Select
We really appreciate RBP holding the full 28 color selections in the one drop down .044 thickness ...

45ABT CO Northern Star Siding Review

ABT CO Northern Star Siding Review
What we have is a premium thickness no frills INSULATED vinyl siding. It comes in only the most ...

46Georgia Pacific Caliber

Georgia Pacific Caliber
An extruded polystyrene base gives this insulated panel an additional R-2.7 which is pretty good for...

47 Variform Camden Pointe

Variform Camden Pointe
Good overall siding that hits all the points for the standards of what a long time buyer would be ...

48Alside Coventry Siding

Alside Coventry Siding
Really not a bad panel and for those needing to match a historic panel width and profile may be a ...

49 Durabuilt 440 Series

Durabuilt 440 Series
This siding from Lowes is a very good product available in the 4 most popular profiles. We like the...

50 Mastic Charleston Beaded

Mastic Charleston Beaded
The higher end line of beaded siding from Mastic is a Single 6.5" beaded panel. Although not every ...

51 Cellwood Progressions

Cellwood Progressions
The progressions line from Cellwood crams in the options for look and feel for almost everyone. ...

52 Owens Corning Essentials Ultra Premium

Owens Corning Essentials Ultra Premium
We think Owens Corning went a little overboard calling this "Ultra Premium". It is a decent siding ...

53 Napco American Herald

Napco American Herald
This is a tad step down from the best vinyl siding however we really like that it is still available...

54 Napco American Tradition

Napco American Tradition
.042 drops this panel just under where we would like to see it in terms of thickness. It does ...

55ABT CO Waterford Vinyl Siding review

ABT CO Waterford Vinyl Siding review
If you need ultimate flexibility for panel profile options this is the something for everybody panel...

56 Royal Building Products Residential

Royal Building Products Residential
Dropping down to this line isn't too bad. You go to a .042 panel thickness and do pick up a new ...

57Mastic Ovation

Mastic Ovation
Well, we don't have anything real negative about this siding. Seems to be a catchall line for ...

58 Durabuilt 410 Series

Durabuilt 410 Series
This popular siding available at Lowes Home Improvement centers is a budget friendly choices with a ...

59 Durabuilt 450 Series (Beaded)

Durabuilt 450 Series (Beaded)
A basic 6.5" beaded panel not unlike the panels we see from competitors, it seems as if every ...

60 Cellwood Colonial Beaded

Cellwood Colonial Beaded
An overall unspectacular beaded siding at 6.5" reveal. Available in only 8 colors we will make this...

61Sears WeatherBeater

Sears WeatherBeater
Associated Materials the parent company of Alside a competing product makes the siding branded Sears...

62Certainteed Wolverine American Legend Review

Certainteed Wolverine American Legend Review
Available in the three most popular profiles; Double 4" Woodgrain Clapboard, Double 4 1/2" Woodgrain...

63 ABT CO Cedar Creek Vinyl Siding

ABT CO Cedar Creek Vinyl Siding
This is the least expensive line of siding offered by ABT CO however that doesn't mean they skimped ...

64 Variform Ashton Heights

Variform Ashton Heights
Every manufacturer seems to try to hit a volume panel sweetspot and this is it for Variform. It ...

65 Owens Corning Essentials Plus

Owens Corning Essentials Plus
Stepping it up a small watch with a heavy duty return leg and slightly thick vinyl at .042 the "plus...

66Certainteed Encore Vinyl Siding Review

Certainteed Encore Vinyl Siding Review
Only the most cost conscious consumers should consider putting this siding on. Although there are 4...

67 Owens Corning Essentials Semi Bead

Owens Corning Essentials Semi Bead
We think this line was a bit of a let's just throw these products we have to make available into a ...

68 Georgia Pacific Shadow Ridge

Georgia Pacific Shadow Ridge
Just OK is how we feel about this siding. It is pretty plain Jane. Woodgrain look and D-4" and 5" ...

69 Variform Nottingham

Variform Nottingham
We really just do not understand why this line even exist for Variform. It is the same .044 ...

70 Mastic Millcreek

Mastic Millcreek
Time to get down to selling some siding? Mastic offer quite a few profile options to appeal to the...

71 Cellwood Evolutions

Cellwood Evolutions
Basic vinyl siding for the most budget conscience consumer. Too thin to warrant serious ...

72 Georgia Pacific Parkside Vinyl Skirting

Georgia Pacific Parkside Vinyl Skirting
This isn't really siding so much as a vertical soffit you can put on hot tubs or use as skirting ...

73 Napco American Comfort

Napco American Comfort
Not enough quality is built into this product to consider it a long term investment. The only added...

74 Royal Building Products Royal Crest

Royal Building Products Royal Crest
This is really a mass appeal siding that is inexpensive enough to get peoples attention. Available ...

75Mastic Brentwood

Mastic Brentwood
This is a pretty drab siding overall. .040 quite thin and flimsy feel, very minimal wall projection...

76Alside Conquest

Alside Conquest
A budget level horizontal siding panel with a decent array of options. With a .040 thickness this a...

77Georgia Pacific Chatham Ridge

Georgia Pacific Chatham Ridge
DO you need a triple 3" reveal to match old wood planks? If so this is your only choice from GP. ...

78 Variform Contractors Choice

Variform Contractors Choice
Why does it have to be that if it has the word "contractor" in it it's near the bottom in term of ...

79 Mastic Eclipse

Mastic Eclipse
11 simple colors with a .40 thickness and 3 profile options make this a siding worthy of forgetting...



  1. On #42 you mention an Owens Corning panel but show a picture of Mastic Liberty Elite. Did you take panel thickness into account and even more importantly the amount of TIO2 used in each panel to protect the panels from fading as well as how well the companies warrant their products and stand behind them when there is a problem?

    • Thank you the image has been corrected. Panel thickness is taken into account in the durability rating. However as a caution we have seen very thick panels fail due to composition and vinyl formulas which is why this is not always an absolute comparison. Titanium dioxide is a very important factor for color retention and yes to the extent we know this it is always taken into account, please know that the actual percentage of TIO2 is almost never published. Companies standing behind their warranty is hit or miss and very situation dependent. IN general either a massive amount of communication and complaining OR a highly qualified contractor with advanced certifications is the only real way to get substantial relief from vinyl siding companies.

  2. Could you please explain what is the price you are showing (for example $240 for Craneboard)? How does it correspond to $3 to $7 per square foot installed quoted on other websites?

  3. is there a 3″ dutchlap vinyl made anymore by anybody

  4. as an installer of vinyl siding for 12 years, there is no way I would ever endorse any product Royal creates. it is the only brand, regardless if it’s royalcrest, estate, board and batten, or even their soffit lines, that I’ve had to have actual representives of the company meet with homeowners to resolve issues with their products. Their Tennessee factory has halted due to the errors coming off their lines due to poor quality control. for example, a double 4.5 Dutch lap product from one run in Tennessee will have a reveal height of 8 7/8″ and a totally different grain pattern and tint then a box of Canadien made product of the same line, which would have a reveal of 9 1/8″. pebble clay seems to be the worst offender. the royalcrest double 4 is the worst, the final pieces never stay snapped in. within 3 months, you have to go back and put trim nails in the weep holes just to get it to stay snapped. awful products that seem to be the cheapest price and cheapest made that is sold in the Midwest. Want a panel worthwhile for a few pennies more? Variform and American legend are the way to go.

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  6. Is there a particular reason why you do not include Polaris vynil siding? I would like to know its ranking and can’t find it anywhere. Thank you.

  7. Why do the rankings change each time the scrren is refreshed.

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