ABT CO Harbor Ridge & Plus  –  Good Basic Vinyl Siding

ABT CO Harbor Ridge Plus Vinyl Siding Review
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  • Rated 3.5 stars
$65to $90
  • 70%

  • ABT CO Harbor Ridge Plus Vinyl Siding Review
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  • Last modified: August 9, 2014
  • Durability
    Editor: 70%
  • Appearance
    Editor: 65%
  • Features
    Editor: 55%
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    Editor: 50%
  • Colors
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Available in the most common D-4" Clapboard and Dutch-lap variety's this is the normal siding from ABT CO. While it does include some of their color lock technology infusing acrylic which we like there is just nothing here to write home about. Nor is there anything wrong with the siding as it is .044 thick which is a premium thickness in most lines. Good but could do better. The PLUS line offers the deeper colors otherwise they are the same.


  • .044 thick
  • Color lock technology
  • Good color selection with addition of plus colors
  • Cons

  • Only two profile options
  • Non-Insulated