Georgia Pacific Caliber – Insulated D-6″ Panel that’s it

Georgia Pacific Caliber
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$230to $280
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  • Georgia Pacific Caliber
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  • Last modified: February 18, 2016
  • Durability
    Editor: 85%
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An extruded polystyrene base gives this insulated panel an additional R-2.7 which is pretty good for insulated siding panels we see. It only comes as a Double 6" panel which will save on installation time as this panel covers 50% more wall space per row than a standard D-4". Lacking on the color selection compared to top brand at only 13 is a bit of a downer. Yes, it is .044 which it pretty thick. Overall this is a good panel however we feel it is just a step behind with more options available for profiles and a deeper color profile being needed.


  • R-2.7 attached Insulation
  • .044 Thickness
  • Resin added to darker colors for lasting performance
  • Cons

  • Small Color Selection
  • D-6" Clapboard ONLY