Mastic Quest – An upper tier non insulated vinyl siding for all

 Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding
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$160to $200
  • 90%

  • Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding
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  • Last modified: August 16, 2014
  • Durability
    Editor: 94%
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    Editor: 87%
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Sitting at the top in terms of features, benefits and price of the non-insulated panels offered by Mastic is this line vinyl siding. At .046 this is a premium thickness panel that is made to last which is one reason we like it. Add the other bells and whistles like a double thick rolled over nailing hem, a patented interlock system, great colors with a variegated cedar grain impression and there really is a lot to like about this product. Additionally, as seems to be the trend with upper range vinyl this is available is 16' and 25' panels to help eliminate those pesky seams - Good Luck Installers!


  • Very Thick
  • Great Color options INCLUDING variegated colors
  • Thick nailing hem
  • Three profile options D-4, D-5, and Double 4.5" DutchLap
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  • Cons

  • Price is high as expected
  • Not Insulated