Alside Charter Oak Siding Review – A premium vinyl siding

Alside Charter Oak Siding Review – A premium vinyl siding

Alside Charter Oak Siding
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$110to $135
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  • Alside Charter Oak Siding
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  • Last modified: August 9, 2014
  • Durability
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Probably our favorite panel from Alside besides the Prodigy. In case where you don't want the wide board look you cannot go better than Charter Oak for many reasons. Available with contour matching backer-board insulation for those energy conscious you have an option with this panel. Additionally, Charter Oak is available in two extended lengths 16' and 25' making many houses possible to install with no seams at all! Of-course this is a thick panel with .046 vinyl throughout the thickest available for non-private label lines with Alside. Alside Charter Oak Energy Elite Cut Away width=


  • 22 Total Colors Available
  • Fully rolled AND Reinforced nailing hem
  • Extended Length Available
  • Super thick .046
  • Contour matching insulation in Energy Elite variety
  • Matte and Oak Grain finish options


  • Only Two Profiles available
  • A little pricey
  • Extended Length Available


  1. Do not put this stuff on your home. The siding will basically melt when exposed to direct or reflective sunlight. Alside does not warranty the siding. If your siding color is discontinued, you may have to re side the entire home. This problem is proliferating around the entire country, some of it is due to Low-e reflective windows. There is no way to know if this will be a problem, but if your siding warps, twists, buckles and melts, NO ONE will admit any fault and help you remediate the problem. Claims that lead you to believe that putting vinyl siding on your home will let you lead a maintenance free life are lies.

    • With the exception of the Mastic siding with Solar Defense, no vinyl siding is warranted against distortion caused by reflections off of windows. On This Old House the easy solution is to install full screens on the windows so the siding is not subject to distortion.

      • Not so simple. Most of those with does are on neighbors houses. With many being on lakes that I have seen. Awnings on Windows often work as well.

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